6.21.2015- Father’s Day

Well… Not exactly the upbeat tone that I wanted my first blog post to be but, this is real life people and we’re rolling with the punches.

Father’s day has always been a day that I just kind of go through the motions. Never something I enjoyed but because I have an amazing grandpa and an amazing uncle I would celebrate it just for them. Even to this day it’s not a day that I love. Now, my mom has re-married and I have a step-dad that I think the world of but still, not a day that I enjoy… and for some reason, it always sneaks up on me every years.

My dad has never been a part of my life, I did not grow up in own of those childhoods where the dad is like a revolving door and only comes around when they feel like it. I’ve always been secure about that, and it’s never really effected me. Except on Father’s day. In school we always had a “donuts for dad” day where all the kids would bring their dad’s to school early before it started and have donuts and milk with them and everyone loved it. My mom would always let me either skip school that day, or take me to breakfast and I would go to school late to avoid the “Hillary, where’s your dad” comments from the kids. For some reason, Father’s day is just this reminder that my dad didn’t want me. I see all these people I know with amazing days, some of them I know personally and I know just how amazing they really are. For this 1 day of the year, it sucks to me.

Bright side!!— I have a GRANDPA, my Papa who is my HERO. He’s amazing, he does anything and everything for his family and is the best dad I could ever ask for. Also, I have my Uncle who has been in my life since I was 2 years old and how will drop everything to help me as if I was his own daughter.

Now, you’re probably thinking— what is this girl bitching and moaning about if she has these 2 great guys in her life that have more than filled the spots of a dad over the years. Well, I’m doing it to say that for those of you that have had similar stories to mine, or if you’ve had the revolving door dad that is really only around when it’s convenient for him… it’s ok for today to suck. One day a year, it’s ok to be in a little bit of a funk and celebrate just because you know you’re supposed to and because you appreciate the people that have stepped up… be it male figures who have taken on that father roll or the rock star mom’s who have just done it all. (I have one of those too… and a nother-mother who’s pretty amazing as well)… I’m just saying, don’t think that you’re doing something wrong it still just hits a little differently no Father’s Day. You aren’t alone, we’ll have a “I’m just blah” day together and resume being awesome tomorrow!