7.04.2015 – Higher-End Skin Care

I’ve told you all about my budget friendly favorites, now I’ll tell you about some of my higher-end favorites. Now, I still stand by all of my previously mentioned products… but when I want to pamper myself a bit these are the items I grab. I only go through this routine in the evening, because who really has time for a “pamper” morning?!

Prices that are included are the average price, I will not include sales prices.



Bioderma – Rather than using a facial wipe to remove my makeup, I will saturate a cotton round and remove all of my makeup. This product is so sensitive to the skin while still removing everything and leaving you feeling fresh! ($20)


eye gel

Skyn Iceland Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels – Ok, this is something I’ve only recently discovered but oh boy are they amazing. once you’ve removed your making up you place these puffy gel strips under your eyes for about 20 minutes. They are so cooling and refreshing and they will decreasing the puffiness under your eyes when you aren’t getting as much sleep as you really need. Perfect for if you’ve been traveling and are just getting back into the swing of things. (4 Pairs $15)


kiwi scrub purity

Mario Badescu Kiwi Face Scrub – is such a gentle, yet exfoliating scrub and it smells amazing. You will just use about a quarter/half dollar size in the palm of your hand and then apply to your face. Take your time scrubbing it around your face, especially your T-zone. It’s a luxury product- enjoy it. Purity by Philosophy is one of my all time favorite face washes, I do keep this on hand at all times. However, I do not use it every day because it is a higher dollar product but it will leave your face so refreshed. (MB- Kiwi Face Scrub $15, Purity- $23)


cucumber water

Mario Badescu Cucumber Cleansing Lotion – is amazing right after you wash your face, just to hydrate your face and almost make you feel like your at a spa! Just put a few squirts on a cotton round and apply to your face then let it dry before applying your moisturizer. ($15)


ginzingginzing eye cream

Origins GinZing Moisturizer – now I know that this says “energy boosting” and most people only use this in the morning. But, I love the moisturizer and if I’m splurging on my pamper evening… I’m using the items I love. This stuff will make your skin feel so moisturized and amazing. I always apply the eye cream first, then the moisturizer… They both smell like oranges and it’s amazing. Highly recommend! You can get samples of these at Dillard’s, just ask for them at the origins counter.  (Each Product $30)

Friends, I know these all seem pricey… and I would never go buy all of them at the same time. But when you’ve had a rough day/week/month etc. sometimes it’s nice to just treat yourself. My recommendation is if you’re interested in starting a “luxury” stock pile to have on hand, just start with the one your most interested in trying and accumulate them slowly. Don’t use them every day, but also don’t be afraid to use them. Products do have a self life, so don’t let your money go to waste!

Until next time!

xoxo- H


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