7.10.2015 – Eye Shadow Must Haves

I tend to lean towards the higher end side when it comes to eye shadows. I just feel like you get more pigment payout, and longer lasting power. I do have some can’t live with out  drug products from the drug store. These are all my “Must Have” eye shadow’s both Drug Store, and High End.

Tip: Having 2-3 high end shadows rather than 8-9 drug store shadows will sometimes give you better results for the same amount of money.


CG- Sand

»Cover Girl- Simmering Sands«
This is a great trio for a beautiful natural look. You can get a complete eye look, good pigment, build-able, great for a weekend trip because you can just throw it in your bag and you’re good to go.

Amber Rush

»Loreal- Amber Rush«
Such a beautiful product, the picture does not even do it justice. Nudey pink, with lots of shimmer. You can apply it on it’s own for some subtle color with shimmer, or over-top of another eye look for a lot of shimmer. GREAT when you’ve got a tan. This can be applied dry, or with a damp brush. Tip: A damp brush with a shimmery product with enhance the products metallic factors and give you a totally different look.

Alluring Apricot

»Pixi- Alluring Apricot«
Gorgeous bronze shade that’s perfect for summer. I love putting this all over my lid on top of the center shade from the shimmering sands trio for a simple summer eye look.

Bad to the Bronze

»Maybelline- Bad to the Bronze«
Ok, I’m not a huge fan on cream shadows. However, these Maybelline color tattoos are an exception. They are so pigmented, creamy, and also truly long lasting that they’ve totally got me hooked. This shade is a true bronze that is great on it’s own or under another shade. Perfect when you’re running late because it does not NEED anything but some mascara.


Fixed Focus

»Smashbox- Fixed Focus«
This trio I believe is discontinued, though I’m sure they have some similar in their collection. But this is a trio I use daily. Ecru is the perfect shade to buff the rest of your look once you’ve completed your shadow and just polish it off. Absolutely my go to shadows.

Soft Brown

»Mac- Soft Brown«
This was a shade that I had heard about for years before I finally gave it a try. But I am hooked. It is the perfect transition color, but it’s also a great base for any other look. Whether it’s neutral, colorful, smokey… whatever the case may be this is a great shade to set your lid with.

Day GleamJet Couture

»Mac- Day Gleam & Jet Couture, Pressed Pigments«
Pressed Pigments are very unique because you are getting 2 products for the price of 1. Using the tip I gave you before about the damp brush. These products were MADE for this. When used dry, You will get the glitter pay out that pops and is amazing, but when used damp, you get both the color AND the glitter pay out. This is great for when you’re wanting some subtle sparkle, or when you’re wanting that WOW factor.


»Urban Decay- Chopper«
This one is an oldy but a goody. Such a gorgeous  bronzy color that’s beautiful on almost any skin tone. This one also has such a great pigment payoff. I have been using it for years, and have not even made a dent in it.

Well friends, these are my must haves, can’t live with outs, etc. etc. etc. 🙂 I also have some palettes that are great, but these are my favorites outside of the larger sets. What are your must have shades that I need to try? Until next time.

xoxo -H


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