7.24.2015 – All About The Brushes

good makeup

Today, it’s all about the BRUSHES! I used to think, a brush was a brush. Boy was I wrong. It wasn’t until I discovered Mrs. Jaclyn Hill that I found out a good make-up brush could make all the difference in the world. So here are some of my favorites.


Sigma F80

Oh, I know that this is a cult classic anymore but it’s just so good! The Sigma F80 Flat Top Kabuki. It makes applying your foundation so effortless.


Real Techniques Powder Brush

Real Techniques Powder Brush is amazing. It doesn’t shed all over your face, it’s a great price and cleans up great.


Sigma E40 Tapered Blending Brush Real Techniques Shading Brush

Both of these are my EVERYDAY eye shadow brushes, I do have others that I use when I’m doing high pigments but these two are my absolutely favorites. Sigma E40 Blending Brush, and the Real Techniques Shading Brush.

Real Techniques Setting Brush-Highlight

Lastly, for highlight I use the Real Techniques highlighting brush to lightly dust on my favorite highlight (Currently obessed with Champagne Pop by Becca).

Well friends, that’s all! I do you other brushes but they’re pretty interchangeable for me. These are the few that I always reach for and if they’re dirty or drying I can tell a change in my makeup application. (I think that means I need to break down and buy duplicates.) What are your must have brushes? Until next time…

xoxo H


5 thoughts on “7.24.2015 – All About The Brushes

  1. katemoore88 says:

    I am low-key obsessed with Jaclyn Hill! So far every recommendation of hers that I’ve tried I have fallen in love with! I agree with the importance of having a good brush, it makes a world of difference in makeup application!


    • Hillary says:

      I’m probably more high-key obsessed… LOL but yes, I agree. Everything I’ve tried I love!! She is the person that made me really find my passion for make-up and skin care. I always knew I loved it… but I just never realized that there was such a community! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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