8.3.2015 – July Favorites


I can not believe that July is over. But, here are my favor things from this past month, it’s going to be a little all over the place, so lets just jump right in…



Maybelline Sin-a-Mon and NYX Tea Rose have been the perfect combination for that nudy pink look I love. I’ve used this almost every day. Great subtle look for work, or running errands. I love it and it lasts!


IT-CC Cream Light

It Cosmetics CC+ in Light, I know I have talked about this product several times but it is seriously my favorite foundation of all time. It’s the perfect coverage just like the bottle says. It seriously is your skin but better. Love that it’s SPF 50… I am only about 1-2 days away from using my current bottle up and I did purchase a different foundation thinking it might be a dupe for it. But, if it is not I will be going back to my tried and true.


Becca- Champagne Pop

Becca Cosmetics Skin Perfecting Powder in Champagne Pop by Jaclyn Hill. I know there are so many people raving about this product, but come on… it’s beautiful. I’ve used this every single day since I received it in the mail. Now, if you follow me on Instagram you may have seen that my beautiful compact took a spill off of my vanity and shattered the pan… highlight down… everywhere, The majority of the product stayed in the compact but I was so devastated. Fear not, I did order a back up because this product is so beautiful that to me, it’s worth the splurge.

Ok, Let’s get into the random non-beauty related things…


Zhena's Gypsy Tea Tropical Green Tea Mojito Mint

Zhena’s Gypsy Tea, Tropical Green Tea in Mojito Mint. This stuff is so good! I’ve been drinking it over ice, with a little lime juice. With the hot Oklahoma summer it’s been so refreshing. I grabbed mine at a local health food store.


Searching For Beautiful

Searching for Beautiful by Jennifer Probst, I’m not finished with it just yet and I don’t want to add any spoilers but this is a great girly book. Highly recommend so far!



Honey, I’m Good by Andy Grammer. This song puts me in such a good mood, I love the beat. I have it on almost all my Spotify playlists for when I’m getting ready, driving, and working.



Trainwreck was such a funny movie. If you loved Bridesmaids you will love this movie. I went to a screening a couple of weeks before it came out and the entire theater was laughing out loud through almost the entire movie. I love that.

TV Show

Big Brother 16

Big Brother, OMG! I absolutely love BB! Now, I do not watch the live feeds, or anything but watch the actual show. But, every summer I get so excited knowing that it’s time for the new season. Last season was by far my favorite season because I just LOVED Derrick. This season my favorite is Johnny Mac. He just makes me happy…

Well friends, that’s all I have for my favorites for July. What are some of your favorites? Are you watching Big Brother, if so who’s your favorite? Until Next Time…

xoxo H


6 thoughts on “8.3.2015 – July Favorites

  1. Hannah Suver says:

    I feel like I have been endlessly searching for a great foundation with SPF! That one looks great – you’ll have to let me know what dupe you use and if you like it as much as the It Cosmetics one.


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