8.17.2015 – Search For Foundation Dupe


I absolutely love my It Cosmetics CC+ (I know, I’m a broken record!) but it is a pricey ($38). So, when I was nearing the end of my current tube I decided that I would grab this bottle of Ulta Demi Matte Foundation in hopes that it would be a good dupe. The consultant at Ulta told me that several people that loved the CC+ also loved this Ulta foundation and it was on sale for $5 (Originally $12) so I thought it was a great time to try it out. If it was a good fit, that would be a great price change!


I did not like it at all! It was very thick, not bendable. I tried both with a brush and a beauty blender… neither worked for me… it was like PASTE!

I do have other foundations that I like, just not any that work like the CC+ does. If you have any recommendations PLEASE let me know! For now, I’m just going to have to go grab another tube!

Well friends, that’s all I have! Please Please Please let me know your recommendations for affordable alternatives! Let me know if you like these comparison posts!  Until next time…

xoxo H


2 thoughts on “8.17.2015 – Search For Foundation Dupe

  1. Maricela says:

    I’m actually a huge fan of that CC cream at well! How funny, and I’m the same way, I’m trying to find a foundation that lives up to that. Hopefully I can come back to this with an answer some day and we can help each other out haha 😀


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