8.21.2015 – Swap Box Featuring – Peonies ‘n Mint

About a month ago, I could not sleep for the life of me. So I watched video upon video on YouTube of people who had become friends through this community they share and decided to send each other treats across the country. Some chose a theme, and some just decided to do things at random. This gave me such an itch to do this as well. I love when something so simple can make a huge community feel a little smaller!

So, at the risk of rejection and feeling like an idiot I reached out to Peonies ‘n Mint, Miss Ashley herself to see if this was something she might be interested in. Thankfully, it didn’t take any arm twisting at all!

Ashley Wall

peonies 'n mint

If you haven’t checked out her blog, you need to! She is an amazing writer and documents real life struggles that we can all relate to!

One of my 30Before30’s was to make new friends, and I truly believe I’m doing so with her! Well, we didn’t really know what we were getting into so we decided to opt out of the theme this go around and just to random, with some local items from our home state.

I’m so happy that we did this, it was a blast gathering things I thought she might like, and she hit the nail on the head with things that I absolutely adore and am so exited to try out! Now, let’s get in to the goods…


Let’s take a moment to adore how cute this box is! I’m sorry you got jipped int he box adorableness Ashley! I gasped when I opened it! But, that isn’t even the best part…


How precious and generous is this girl, and she knows me SO well for only knowing me through the blogosphere!

First, let me start by saying that she wanted me to be prepared to open the box and pore a glass of wine… girl after my own heart…

  • Vidal Ice Wine from 12 Corners
  • 12 Corners Cork Screw
  • Wine Glass
  • Wine Travel Guide
    • I mentioned in my 30Before30 that I wanted to do a wine tasting and she’s taunting me with a Michigan trip, I just might have to do it before that 30th birthday rolls around! Looks amazing!

Ashley and I spoke a little about different things in our lives, and she know’s I love office things and that I’m still trying to put my office together. So she sent me some goodies to help me out…

  • Colorful “H” Marquee (It also came with a blank-white H so I could decorate it myself I wanted!)
  • 12 Corners note pad, can you really have enough note pad! LOVE!
  • Candle, I love candles and this one is so adorable and smells so fresh!
  • Tea, she knows that my job can be stressful and she sent me a whole bunch of different destress and detox teas I can’t wait to try!

For another extra special dose of local culture…

  • Michigan Pasta Salad, I can’t wait to make this. Ashley said the recipe on the back of this package is really yummy!


I also had a special little note in there. These are a couple of my favorite things from this Swap Box. HUGE Thank You to Peonies ‘n Mint for doing this with me! I recommend anyone do this if you can, it was so much fun.

To find out what I sent Ashley, go check out her blog over at Peonies ‘n Mint for when she posts all about her treats all the way from Oklahoma.

Until Next Time…

xoxo H


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