9.18.2015 – Travel Hair Care


As you all know… I HATE fixing my hair, I do it as to not frighten the people around me. But, it is not something I enjoy. Today, I’m going to tell you the things that I packed for hair care… and to continue not to frighten the general public… or at least try…


I am all for travel size in a lot of things, but with travel size shampoo and conditioner… that’s basically one time use for me so I opted for the full size. I’m currently using the OGX Coconut Milk which smells amazing. Also, because they don’t have a travel size (or I couldn’t find it) in my favorite dry shampoo, I also went for the full size for the Pantene Pro-V Blow Out Extend Dry Shampoo. It really is amazing, and for brunettes it’s great because it does not leave the white cast.


For the rest of my hair care I have…

  • got2b Guardian Angel heat protector
  • Bed Head Hair Spray
  • Not Your Mothers Beach Babe Sea Salt Spray (For the California Trip)

For Styling Tools…

  • Hair Dryer (Bed Head)
  • Straightener (Remington)
  • Instyler (Original)

And that’s it! For the last 3 products I mentioned these are all in the travel size. What are some of your favorite products to take when traveling? Until Next Time…

xoxo H


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