9.21.2015 – Travel Musts


I love a good travel sized product just as much as the next person, but sometimes it’s just not logical for the situation or the product itself. So, here are some tips that might save you both money and frustration while traveling…  Also, here are a few things I packed…


  • Lotion, Think about the trip itself. For me… I know that for the first trip – I will be wearing a couple of dresses. and for the second trip I will be at the beach or at the pool most of the time. So, I opted for a full sized.
  • Perfume, Because I have both the large and the small option I went with the smaller one. In this case for me it would not be worth going to purchase an additional bottle.
  • Body Wash, This product can be HEAVY! If you’re flying I recommend the travel size. I went for the larger travel size option.
  • Deodorant, again – because I already had the travel size I decided to take it and use it up. But, I wouldn’t go out and purchase it again. Just take whatever you already have. I actually prefer men’s (non-manly scented) deodorant better than this one.
  • Razor,  I had this one and it vanished! I love this travel one because it had a case so it doesn’t get messed up and the razor blade isn’t just out in the open. Plus, it uses the same razor blades as my current razor. This is just my preference.


  • Contact Solution & Case, Because I wear contacts I always have to bring this with me. But I do go with the smaller size because the full size just takes up too much room!
  • Cotton Rounds, This is a package that I  just refill but you could totally just use a ziplock! I got in the trap of the travel size a few years ago and now I just refill each time.
  • Q-Tips, I love these cases for holding q-tips. But, they are so easy to refill. I have had to purchase new ones when I’ve broke the snap but there is no need to purchase them each time you travel! Plus, this is a compact way to keep them!

These are my tips, I hope they help some of you! What are your tricks? Until Next time!

xoxo H


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