10.21.2015 – Let’s Talk Pt 2

Let's Talk

I’ve found myself reflecting over different versions of my life’s “plan” lately. I think as I see more and more of my family and friends getting married and starting families of their own I just think of where I thought my life would be at twenty-eight and how far from that picture I am…

When I was in my late teens I thought by this age I would be married, have children, and have the classic suburban life. I guess when we’re graduating high school and starting college even twenty-five seems light-years away… As I got a little older and realized my idea of “old” wasn’t really that old, and my female health took so many loops and turns I realized that maybe my “plan” wasn’t going to work. If you knew me you’d know that I’m a planner, and coming to this realization was tough. But, as I’ve come into my late twenties it’s been freeing.

Even just 2 years ago, if you had asked me where I thought I would be right this moment, I would have told you that I would be about to marry California… probably in the process of buying a house, still working for the same company and loving it, and living happily ever after. Boy would I have been wrong…

But, right now there isn’t anything about my life that I would change…

  • In May, I accepted a new job that was a great career move and I’m so happy that I did!
  • This year, I’ve traveled (within the US) more than I ever have, but still not as much as I wish had… but next year… I hope to double it!
  • I started blogging!!!!!
  • I moved into my first house… I always said I would wait to purchase until I was married.. well, I was finished waiting to start things in my life.
  • I really dove into fundraising with the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. #teamcure
  • I put myself out there in more ways than I can explain and really have taken myself out of my comfort zone.

I used to think that I was cursed because I was unmarried, and without children… and I wasn’t getting younger. Because of that I’ve grown to know myself more and more. I’ve realized that I love the freedoms of my life… I would love to meet an amazing man to share my life with some day. But, I’m finished feeling like my life is unfulfilled because of it. I’ve also realized from all of life’s ups and downs that as of right now, I don’t want children. Maybe that will change but right now I just don’t see kids in my future, I see traveling, and just spoiling the kids around me. Don’t get me wrong, I love kids… I just think I want to be “Aunt Hillary” to all my friends and cousins kiddos, and that’s OK!

So, here is to rolling with the punches and saying that it’s alright to adjust the sails… and coming from an avid planner that’s saying something…

What changes to the plan have you made? Until next time…

xoxo H


10.19.2015 – Current Mary Kay Andrews Obsession

Mary Kay Andrews

I have recently been an audio books junkie! I find them super relaxing on my morning and evening commutes to work. I always get mine from the library; they can be so expensive otherwise and this way it’s free! I will admit that a great cover will grab my attention… guilty! So when I first found Mary Kay Andrew’s Beach Town I just had to check it out. After only a few chapters, I was hooked! Once I was finished with 1, I just found myself wanting another and another! Her writing style is light hearted yet addicting! You find yourself relating to someone in each story and your emotions get tangled up chapter after chapter! My favorite has been Save the Date! I highly recommend. These have all been within the last month! Also a plus with audiobooks, I can finish them so much faster! HAHA

I just started Ladies’ Night this morning and I already can’t get enough!! What are your favorite reads/listens? I always find myself reading or in this case listening more in the fall, something about the weather, hot tea, and curling up!

If you haven’t tried audio books I highly recommend, as someone who can never find enough time to sit down and read for pleasure this is perfect. I love listening to music, but sometimes I just need a change! Especially in the evenings, it helps me to get my mind off work and start switching my into relaxation mode!

I’m almost through the Mary Kay Andrew’s section that my library offers in the audio Books Section… What do you recommend I try next?? Until next time…

xoxo H

10.14.2015 – Sick Day Must Haves

I’ve been a little under the weather for the last week or so. I realized that I gravitate towards the same type items, so I thought that I would share them with you!


  1. Tea… especially this time of year when I end up with a sore throat! My favorite is peppermint because not only does it taste great, but it also helps me to breathe!peppermint tea
  2. Blankets… I generally keep my house very cool so that I can get all cuddled up under my blankets. But, when I’m sick or just feeling ick! I especially love my heated throw! It just makes my bed or couch feel extra cozy! heated throw blanket
  3. Soup… Who doesn’t love soup when they are sick? Well, I didn’t used to! I was always sick with my allergies when I was a kid and so I got REALLY tired of soup. I do not like chicken soup AT ALL! But, I love potato soup! So, Panera Bread Baked Potato Soup is my go to! soup
  4. Throat Drops… But they have to be ones that work! throat drops
  5. and of course… NETFLIX… if I’m going to be stuck in bed, I need something entertaining! netflixWhat are you sick day musts? Anything I should try? I’m still fighting these allergies! Until next time…

xoxo H

10.12.2015 – Jaclyn Hill Fall Favorites Tag


Fall is by far my favorite, and I know that TONS of you agree! The weather is (should be) cooling down, and the holidays are kicking off. So, I thought it would be fun to do the Jaclyn Hill Fall Favorite’s Tag! I tag each and every person who reason reads this to participate! It’s so much fun, I will tag a few people specifically just for fun!

  • Favorite Candle: Hands down… LEAVES from Bath and Body Works.
  • leavesFavorite Lip Color: My lip color doesn’t really change from season to season. I still stick with my nudy pink! Lipstick
  • Favorite Drink: I drink coffee all the time, but in the fall I absolutely LOVE Apple Cider!
  • apple cider Favorite Blush: I love really bright pinks in the fall/winter. Almost that wind kissed look, Such as Luminoso Delizioso PinkMilani Delizioso Pink
  • Favorite Clothing Item: Boots & Scarves! No Question boots
  • Favorite Fall Movie: The Wizard of Oz, now I love this movie year round. But it’s just especially good in the fall!  wizard of oz
  • Favorite Fall TV Show: SCANDAL, SCANDAL, SCANDAL! #TEAMFITZ scandal-logo
  • Favorite Thanksgiving Food: I love my Granny’s candied Sweet Potatoes! Yum!!
  • Favorite Halloween Costume: So, I don’t really get into Halloween and dressing up. I know, don’t kill me. But, the last time I dressed up was for work and I was Ariel (My favorite!) But I took my own twist and was her when she had legs! I couldn’t find a great picture but here is a portion. Yes, I even had a huge bow on my head but you can’t see it! My friend Maigen who’s picture was Lightning McQueen! Our theme was Disney World! (2009)halloween

Well friends, I hope you guys have as much fun with this as I did! I think it just gets you in the fall spirit! What are your favorites??

Now, to the people I tag… Peonies ‘n MintSorry Shari, and Ki’s Beauty Beat. I can’t wait to see what your favorites are!!

Until Next Time!

xoxo H

10.5.2015 – Cystic Fibrosis Breath of Life Gala


This weekend is one that will go down in the record books of my life! As I’ve said before I spend a lot of my “free” time volunteering with the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. This Friday, was their annual Breath of Life Gala. I had the honor of volunteering, as well as attend with so many people that were there to support this cause that is so near and dear to my heart. Just being able to sit back and listen to Dr. Harvey speak about the advances made from these very donation dollars gave me goosebumps. Being part of celebrating Celia Palmer’s 10 incredible years of service as Director of the Oklahoma City Chapter of the CF Foundation was so special. Plus, we were able to raise a glass to winning a “round”. This year, Orkambi was approved by the FDA and is one of the most remarkable drugs for CF patients with the F508del/F508del mutation.


I know that for some people, all of the CF talk is GREEK, so if you’d like I can do a post explaining a little more about it (with out going crazy.)


Getting to be there with my wonderful friend and volunteer partner made it even better. We have made such an incredible team, and I couldn’t imagine going through all of this without your help and support!

PicMonkey Collage

This is why I’m so passionate about a cure… My turtle, my best friend, my cousin/sister, my BEST FRIEND… She is 22 years old and is the strongest person I know!


Find something you are passionate about, and help where you can. Someone, somewhere needs your talents and skills. No matter how big or how small. You can make a difference!

xoxo H