10.12.2015 – Jaclyn Hill Fall Favorites Tag


Fall is by far my favorite, and I know that TONS of you agree! The weather is (should be) cooling down, and the holidays are kicking off. So, I thought it would be fun to do the Jaclyn Hill Fall Favorite’s Tag! I tag each and every person who reason reads this to participate! It’s so much fun, I will tag a few people specifically just for fun!

  • Favorite Candle: Hands down… LEAVES from Bath and Body Works.
  • leavesFavorite Lip Color: My lip color doesn’t really change from season to season. I still stick with my nudy pink! Lipstick
  • Favorite Drink: I drink coffee all the time, but in the fall I absolutely LOVE Apple Cider!
  • apple cider Favorite Blush: I love really bright pinks in the fall/winter. Almost that wind kissed look, Such as Luminoso Delizioso PinkMilani Delizioso Pink
  • Favorite Clothing Item: Boots & Scarves! No Question boots
  • Favorite Fall Movie: The Wizard of Oz, now I love this movie year round. But it’s just especially good in the fall!  wizard of oz
  • Favorite Fall TV Show: SCANDAL, SCANDAL, SCANDAL! #TEAMFITZ scandal-logo
  • Favorite Thanksgiving Food: I love my Granny’s candied Sweet Potatoes! Yum!!
  • Favorite Halloween Costume: So, I don’t really get into Halloween and dressing up. I know, don’t kill me. But, the last time I dressed up was for work and I was Ariel (My favorite!) But I took my own twist and was her when she had legs! I couldn’t find a great picture but here is a portion. Yes, I even had a huge bow on my head but you can’t see it! My friend Maigen who’s picture was Lightning McQueen! Our theme was Disney World! (2009)halloween

Well friends, I hope you guys have as much fun with this as I did! I think it just gets you in the fall spirit! What are your favorites??

Now, to the people I tag… Peonies ‘n MintSorry Shari, and Ki’s Beauty Beat. I can’t wait to see what your favorites are!!

Until Next Time!

xoxo H


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