11.27.2015 – At Home Pamper Night


With the cold winter months coming, and my busiest work season approaching it’s important to take some time and just relax. With lavish Spa getaways not in my budget, I’ve perfected my “at home spa” routine and I thought I would share it with you!

  1. Candles


These are an absolute must for a night of relaxation in my book! I turn all the lights around my house way down, and light every candle that I can find!

2.  Audio Book

the fixer upper

I put my Bluetooth speaker on with whatever audio book I’m currently engrossed in and then I’m ready to begin!

3. Lush Mask of Magnaminty


This mask makes you feel like you’re at the spa! It’s smells like mint chocolate chip ice cream, it feels so amazing! The tingles of the mint, and the way your skin feels after… you wont even know you spa’d at home!

4. Wine


Pour a nice glass of wine, enjoy the mask and kick back! This Ritual Pinot Noir is my current FAVORITE!

5. Treat Yourself

Madison Reed Spa

Madison Reed is currently working on their own at home spa and staycation ideas. One fun idea is to color your own hair! I took their ​Hair Color Quiz and these are the results that I got!


Now, as you all know I am not a fan of doing my hair! But, this gave me some good ideas on what I can do in the future! Plus, it was SO easy! I highly recommend taking their color quiz to get inspiration! If you do, tweet me @hillaryhuffine and @madisonreedllb using #MRLoveMyHair

What are your at home spay ideas? I would love to hear them! Until Next Time.

xoxo H


Guest Post: Hillary on “Why I Don’t Do Online Dating”

Today, I had my very first guest post on one of my favorite bloggers pages. Though the subject matter can be slightly embarrassing to speak about I think that more of you will understand than judge.

Uncorking Peonies

I am both excited and honored to have Peonies ‘n Mint’s first guest post be from the ever-wonderful Hillary at an oklahoma girl. Hillary and I were discussing her love life recently (because we’re at that level of blogosphere friendship) and she was recanting the demise of online dating in her life. From someone who has posted about online dating and dating apps in the past, I asked if she’d be willing to share her story on PNM for all of you to enjoy. She was more than happy to oblige!

We all have our own dating horror stories. Perhaps they are not through the Internet or apps, but they’re creepy nonetheless. So don’t get down when your love life seems to be one devastating date after the other. Take it from Hillary — we’ve all been there!

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11.18.2015 – Breath & Beyond

breath and beyond

This year I was asked by the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation-Sooner Chapter to be an Honoree for there Breath and Beyond Event. I was so touched when they reached out to me; and over the last 7 months I partnered with my dear friend Elizabeth to raise money for this cause that is so near and dear to our hearts. We are so dedicated to adding tomorrow’s, and bettering today’s. Friday, November 13th Elizabeth and I, along with 7 other passionate young adults were honored for our work this year. I thought I would share a few photo’s of this amazing night.




My Family and Friends are the most incredible people in the world!

This has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life, and I can’t wait for the day that I can say I was a part of making CF stand for CURE FOUND!

Until Next Time…

xoxo H

11.03.2015 – October Favorites


This month has been hectic, but so much fun. My favorite’s are not beauty related this month… but instead they are more home and a little all over the place! Let’s jump in…



I saw Brian Milson open for Lee Brice in September and fell in love with his music! This song has been a CONSTANT on my play list ever since! You should absolutely check it out!! I bet everyone can relate to the lyrics of Train of Thought!


brown sugar crumble donut

If you are a coffee junkie like I am, you should really try this. It’s got just enough flavor but still tastes like coffee!


the age of adaline Spy

I couldn’t pick just one, and these were one two different ends of the spectrum; yet both so good in their own way! The Age of Adaline was so beautifully done in such a classic light. Spy, was simply hilarious. Both are must see’s.


save the date

I wont stay on this for too long since I’ve already done a whole post on my love for Mary Kay Andrews… but this book is so incredible! You will find yourself longing for love in such a raw way.


blood and oil

This is something that my aunt and I have been recording since it started but just haven’t had a chance to start. On Halloween we finally got around to watching it, so it barely made the cut into my October Favorites… but it was just too good not to mention. We’re only about 3 episodes in and I’m just hooked! Chase Crawford being absolutely jaw dropping doesn’t hurt! 😉



This month I re organized my closet, part of that was the obvious purging of items I haven’t worn in a long time. But this time I also switched out all of my hangers. I purchased these non-slip slim “velvet” (I hate velvet and they aren’t bad to me) hangers. It’s amazing how just that change has give me so much more room in my closet. I purchased mine from Ross for $9.99/ 25 hangers! Highly recommend if you have a smaller closet, or just have a lot of clothes and want a little more room! coffee table

Also in October, my good friend and I took a trip to Texas to go to Ikea… I grabbed this great coffee table! I’ve been looking everywhere for the perfect (and affordable) coffee table for my living room… that would also work with my sectional! This one is PERFECT! Plus, it was less than $100!



I absolutely love the May Designs computer backgrounds, but this month is just beautiful! This is currently the background on my work computer! Ah! I love it!


Lastly, as I’ve mentioned before I work closely with the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation of Oklahoma City. This year I have had the pleasure of being an Honoree with an amazing group of people for an event called Breath & Beyond. This month is the big event that signals the end of our reign as honoree’s. This doesn’t mean that my work with the CF Foundation is over, but I’m so excited to celebrate the work that we’ve done over the last 8 months and enjoy a night with our families. If anyone is looking for a great way to donate this year, please consider my donation page with the CF Foundation; CFF – Hillary Huffine

breath and beyond

What were some of your favorite things this month? Also, what are you most looking forward to in November? Until Next Time…

xoxo H