11.27.2015 – At Home Pamper Night


With the cold winter months coming, and my busiest work season approaching it’s important to take some time and just relax. With lavish Spa getaways not in my budget, I’ve perfected my “at home spa” routine and I thought I would share it with you!

  1. Candles


These are an absolute must for a night of relaxation in my book! I turn all the lights around my house way down, and light every candle that I can find!

2.  Audio Book

the fixer upper

I put my Bluetooth speaker on with whatever audio book I’m currently engrossed in and then I’m ready to begin!

3. Lush Mask of Magnaminty


This mask makes you feel like you’re at the spa! It’s smells like mint chocolate chip ice cream, it feels so amazing! The tingles of the mint, and the way your skin feels after… you wont even know you spa’d at home!

4. Wine


Pour a nice glass of wine, enjoy the mask and kick back! This Ritual Pinot Noir is my current FAVORITE!

5. Treat Yourself

Madison Reed Spa

Madison Reed is currently working on their own at home spa and staycation ideas. One fun idea is to color your own hair! I took their ​Hair Color Quiz and these are the results that I got!


Now, as you all know I am not a fan of doing my hair! But, this gave me some good ideas on what I can do in the future! Plus, it was SO easy! I highly recommend taking their color quiz to get inspiration! If you do, tweet me @hillaryhuffine and @madisonreedllb using #MRLoveMyHair

What are your at home spay ideas? I would love to hear them! Until Next Time.

xoxo H


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