2.10.2016 – Simple Morning Skin Care Routine

Skin Care

Now, I in no way would say that my skin care routine is perfect. But, never the less… it is a routine and that helps. As I’ve said before, it is so important to wash your face both morning and night for different reasons.

Morning: You’re washing away all the toxins that your body has pushed through the surface during the night, any dead skin cells, etc.

Night: You’re washing away all the impurity from your day, so any bacteria that have surrounded you.

*Remember that you should remove your make up BEFORE  you wash your face. This doesn’t mean that every spec of it comes off, however removing the majority prior to washing your face insures that your face wash can do it’s job. Other wise, it’s having to work to remove the make up and not giving your face any neutralists, vitamins or extras it may have. Essentially you may be using a high dollar cleanser but only getting out of it what a bar soap would have done! (Okay, I’ll stop preaching!)

For myself, I have a different skin care routine in the morning and the evening based on what works best for my skin. I am combination/oily skin type so I tend to do more moisturizing in the evenings when I don’t really care if I look shiny! So, let’s jump in…


Aveeno Foaming

Aveeno – Clear Complexion Foaming Cleanser, I will dampen my face with warm water and then apply a generous amount of the foam cleanser to my face. Then, I will take a clean wash cloth and dampen it with warm water to remove the cleanser. This is such a refreshing cleanser that wakes me up and always makes my skin feel great.

I tend to not use scrubs in the morning any more, because they would leave my skin red for some time. I reserve those for my night time routine.


Cucumber Cleansing LotionMario Badescu – Cucumber Cleansing Lotion. I will take this on a cotton round and just buff around my face. This leaves your skin feeling so nice and hydrated with out being oily.

Now, some of you will thing this is bazaar but that is my entire morning skin care routine, UNLESS I am using a foundation. 99% of the time I use my beloved It Cosmetics CC+, which has the benefits of a moisturizer built in; and because I am on the oily side I don’t double up or I will look like a greased chicken! However, if I am going to use an actually foundation I will go in with a light weight moisturizer.



Garnier – Moisture Rescue, this is my current favorite moisturizer, leaves your skin feeling hydrated but not oily – as you can tell is always my goal!!

I love keeping it simple in the mornings, normally I’m on auto pilot because I haven’t had coffee yet! What are your favorite morning skin care products? Until Next time…

xoxo H





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