5.26.2016 – Reading List


Hey! Now, I know I said I was going to be better and that I was going to get back to blogging. Sometimes life has a way of happening! But, one thing I have been doing is “reading.” The reason I put this in quotes is because I listen to mostly audiobooks while I’m getting ready or on my drive to work in the morning. As I’ve said in previous posts I find that this helps get my brain started in the morning rather than my old normal which was listening to music. Don’t get me wrong, I love music and I listen to Spotify all day, every day at work. (Currently playing my SummerOf16 play list, if you want to follow me on Spotify it’s Hillary.Huffine :))

Anyway,  I’ve been using GoodReads.com to mark the books I’ve read. Honestly – I discovered this a couple of years ago but didn’t really start using it until a recently. But I’ve found it to be so helpful that I just had to share! It’s free also! You can go on there, list the books you’ve already read, and rate them. The site will recommend books based on ones that you’ve already read. (I love this because I’m always trying to find new suggestions!) But, you can also mark books as “want to read” or “currently reading”- so you have separate lists and can see what you’ve already read vs what you want to read.

AND, if you have friends that have the same taste in books you can share your lists so they can see what you’re reading currently, etc. But, you can keep yours private if you don’t necessarily want everyone to see what all you’re reading. My list is so random, nothing that I would say is “bettering my mind” but more for the entertainment factor. If anyone would like to follow my lists, you are welcome to – Hillary.Huffine – I would love to see what everyone is reading!

I know this has been a very random post, but I’ve missed  you all and I thought that a random post was better than no post!!

What should I read next, either comment it here or I’ll see you all over on GoodReads.com

Until Next Time.

Xoxo – H


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