9.7.2016 – What’s In My Shower?


I love long hot showers, and as I was watching random YouTube video’s with this same title I decided… I’m nosey about what’s in other people’s showers and what products they love or are trying out. So, why not make a post of my own. So that’s what I’m going to do. Here it is, What’s in my shower…

My shower is pretty basic, but I do have a few products that I rotate out from time to time. Including my shampoo. Currently, I’m using the Aussie – aussome Volume combo. Honestly, I really like the smell but I can’t say that it’s an amazing volumizing shampoo. But it works as for as a shampoo goes. I do rotate my shampoos pretty frequently or my hair starts to get unmanageable. About every other, or every two bottles I will get a clarifying shampoo. I just finished using my favorite which is by Matrix.


Next, super boring but this is my Venus razor. I’ve had it for years, I also have a venus travel razor that uses the same blade refills which is awesome.

I always have the Purity 3-in-1 face wash, as well as some form of Apricot Scrub. This is the Purity Gel wash, which I do not like as much as the original formula so I will go back to my tried and true! Because I do not always shower at the same time of day, I like to have both a night and day wash.

Bath and Body Works

This is my favorite body wash from Bath and Body Works, in the sent Vineyard Champagne Kiss. This was from their summer collection last year. I’m so sad that they did not make this permanent, and as you can see there is not much left but I am rationing it! I also have the matching lotion, which also is almost gone.


As you may have noticed, I do not have shaving gel in my shower. Over the years I have ventured away from using it. I find that it’s just messy and I just didn’t enjoy it. For about the last 2-3 years I’ve used Johnson’s Baby Moisture Wash in the sent Vanilla Oatmeal. Yes, this is a baby bath but I find the scent does not compete with any of my other perfumes, or lotions. It’s always very gentle and I love the way it makes my skin feel.

Also, two things that are not pictured. My luffa, and my method daily shower spray.

What is in your shower? Anything I should try?

Until next time.

xoxo H


9.4.2015 – Reflective…

Yesterday was my 3 year “anniversary” and I thought I would re-share this post. I still feel like this was the best choice in my life and hopefully, if anyone else is going through something similarly this helps a little. xoxo H

an oklahoma girl


Today, is a reflective day for me. Two years ago, my entire life changed… Let’s start from the beginning.

Just before my 21st birthday I noticed several irregularities in my period. I wouldn’t have a cycle for a couple of months, then I would have one that lasted weeks. After this happened a few times I called my family doctor who referred me to a gynecologist who specialized in “special” cases, he said. »Little did I know the bond that I would have with this doctor, he is now someone I consider a dear friend and I wouldn’t have my sanity with out him.« My first appointment was set in February, I waited what felt like years in the room before the doctor came in; he asked me if I had been feeling any pain; I hadn’t given much thought to the pain because I had always experienced terrible cramping…

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9.1.2016 – August Favorites


Let’s start by saying what’s on all of our minds.. HOW IS IT ALREADY SEPTEMBER! Beyond that here are a few of the things I’ve been loving in the month of August.

Sip by S'Well

So, I know everyone is on the S’well bottle wagon. But this is a bottle made by the same company and from what I can tell does the job just as well for about 1/2 the price! I got this bottle at target for about $25 and I love it. It’s prefect for traveling or just day to day!

Real Techneques Sponge

In general I have not loved the damp beauty sponge application process in the past. However, I purchased this Real Techniques sponge because Jaclyn Hill was raving about it a few months about but didn’t really do much with it for a while. The last couple of months I have been absolutely love it for my foundation (IT CC+) and my under eye highlighting concealer (UD Naked Skin) application. Highly Recommend.


I picked up this Urban Decay – Smoked Palette for about $20 at Nordstrom Rack a couple of months ago, and I’ve been really enjoying it lately. I’m so ready for fall if you can’t tell. The deep browns, and emerald green just speak to me!


I may be ready for fall, but part of me is still hanging on to spring. Case in point – this Urban Decay lipstick in Turn On. I tend to gravitate to more nude or mauve colors but this just gives me life some days!

Bose Headphones

I am probably the last one to breakdown and invest in good quality headphones. I am that girl that was always buying overpriced crappy headphones at the airport because the last pair of crappy headphones I bought broke between trips. Well, I finally took the plunge. WHY DID I WAIT SO LONG! These things are incredible! I went with the Bose corded and I have to say, SO WORTH IT!

Brett Young - Sleep With Out You

Along those same lines, my music favorite of this month is without a doubt… Brett Young- Sleep Without You. This is such a good tune, and it just always puts me in a great mood. If you haven’t heard it yet please go listen to it. It’s on almost all of my current Spotify Playlists (@hillaryhuffine)


As most of you know, the MayDesigns backgrounds for computers/mobiles are my favorite way to start a new month. Keeps me so organized plus they are always so pretty!

Travel Journal

I have been traveling a good amount this year, so I picked up this Travel Journal from Target. I thought it was so neat, it has pockets for you to put post cards, pictures, boarding passes that you are saving. It also has maps with “pin” stickers for you to mark where you have been!

Coleman Luggage

One of my favorite Christmas presents last year was this Coleman luggage, and I have been putting it to the test this year. But let me tell you, I love it! If you’re int he market for luggage I can’t recommend it enough. It’s reasonably priced from Walmart, and it is really great quality.  The medium size is my favorite for 4+ day trips, but the carry on size has gotten the most use out of it for weekend trips.

Last, but absolutely not least… CHARLESTON, SOUTH CAROLINA — My Mom and I went for a week on vacation this month and it was so amazing. We were not ready to come home when the week was over. I’m already trying to see when I can make it back out there. Such a beautiful city, amazing food, and incredible history.

So, what were your favorites this month? What should I try, what should I listen to?

Until Next Time.