9.4.2015 – Reflective…

Yesterday was my 3 year “anniversary” and I thought I would re-share this post. I still feel like this was the best choice in my life and hopefully, if anyone else is going through something similarly this helps a little. xoxo H

an oklahoma girl


Today, is a reflective day for me. Two years ago, my entire life changed… Let’s start from the beginning.

Just before my 21st birthday I noticed several irregularities in my period. I wouldn’t have a cycle for a couple of months, then I would have one that lasted weeks. After this happened a few times I called my family doctor who referred me to a gynecologist who specialized in “special” cases, he said. »Little did I know the bond that I would have with this doctor, he is now someone I consider a dear friend and I wouldn’t have my sanity with out him.« My first appointment was set in February, I waited what felt like years in the room before the doctor came in; he asked me if I had been feeling any pain; I hadn’t given much thought to the pain because I had always experienced terrible cramping…

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