11.25.2016- Current Favorites


Since I haven’t been trying a ton of new products this month, I decided to do a current favorites instead. These have been my must have “things” the past few months/weeks/days, etc! Buckle up, they’re very… VERY random.


Because I’ve had this migraine –  the sun and florescent lights kill me, I’ve been wearing a lot of hats. This one is my favorite (BOOMER). I grabbed it from Amazon.


I like big bags and I can not lie. Ok, sorry – I just couldn’t pass up an opportunity to use that line. But, really – I do. This one is great because it has a smaller cross body bag that fits inside for when you don’t want to carry such a large bag. This one is from Target, and I love it.


Ryan Adam’s cover of Taylor Swifts album 1989 is just… amazing. I’ve rediscovered this and it’s been softly playing in my office most days. If you haven’t checked it out, you need to.

Screen Shot 2016-11-23 at 1.49.47 PM.png

I have an obsession with chapstick, and I only like minty chapstick. Therefor, this is perfect!


Ok, Amazon Prime is amazing. But add a 30+ day migraine, working from home, and being in need of office supplies and you will have a new found appreciation for Amazon Prime!


I absolutely love my Erin Condren planner(s). I posted the first video in my Planning Series earlier this week. If you are a planner junkie, or are trying to get in to planning, you should check it out. You’ll also find some coupon codes in the description box!

Along with the planner theme, I’ve been obsessed with Erin Condren stickers from Etsy. I have several shops that I love, and I talk about them during the Planning Series.


I love pens, and this pen is great. This is the Pilot Frixion – Erasable pen and it actually erases!


I am a coffee tumbler/mug fanatic and had been considering falling into the YETI hype. Well, I watched all the videos that I’m sure everyone else has seen on Pinterest and Facebook where people compared the YETI to this Ozark Trail Tumbler from Walmart and y’all I love this mug! Plus, I love that it was about $8. It keeps my coffee hot, and I even bought the 20oz for my iced water or iced tea. They’re great!


How many of you have gotten these stupid scammer calls telling you that there is something wrong with your PC, or some amazing deal to lower your credit card interest rate, etc? Well, I know that on most phones you can block any given number – but what happens when you miss a call that you aren’t sure if it’s legitimate or not? This is an app, Mr. Number – You just copy and paste the number you’re curious about into the app and it will tell you if it’s been reported as fraud/scam before. Or, it will tell you who it is – if they are listed in the phone book. You can then “Black List” numbers that are scam/fraud, numbers so that if they call you again it will say “Black List” and you will know not to answer! Is this the point in life that you know you are an adult? When this is something that is your favorite thing?


Lastely, is my YouTube favorite. I’ve been a huge YT fan for several years now, but when you don’t feel good you get even more into shows, movies, or in my case YT. I just LOVE Julia Hope’s Vlogs! Her and her fiance are adorable. Plus, she has a target and candle addiction like I do! You guys need to go check her out!

Well, that is all I have for you today. Let me know what some of your favorite things are, what do I need to try?

I hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving (if you are in the US!)

Until Next Time…




11.22.2016 – Life Update



Most of you are probably wondering why I would post this picture. But, this is my current feeling. Let me give you a little recap…

I’ve suffered from migraines for most of my life, but for the last few years they’ve gotten increasingly worse. For the last 2 years I’ve been on a great regimen with my neurologist and my migraines have been to a minimum. For me, that’s maybe once a month lasting 1-3 days; completely tolerable. But, for the 2nd time in two years I’ve had one lasting over 20 days that just will not break. Today, is the 33rd consecutive day… I’ve had a slew of tests, IV medications, spent several days in the hospital, and even had an occipital nerve block procedure done which only made it worse. My doctor has referred me to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota to see their Neurology department and we’re hoping for some answers. Unfortunately, they’re so booked that it will be a couple of months before that can take place.

Now, about the picture — I bought tickets back in Februrary for my mom, uncle, and myself to see Billy Joel on November 11th…We’ve been counting down for MONTHS! He’s been one of my favorite artists since I was a kid. Because of this migraine I wasn’t able to attend. Mom and I stayed home but my aunt and uncle were able to have a great date night and said the show was incredible. They sent me tons of pictures, videos, and even brought me this hat that I am treasuring.

Now, New goal:

  • Billy Joel – Madison Square Garden

All that being said, I’m hoping that I can give a little attention to An Oklahoma Girl in the mean time. I’ll try to keep you posted on my journey.

I am going to start a series for planning/organizing so please look out for that. While I’m working from home, and juggling lots of doctors appointments the planner/organizing junkie in me is shining bright!

I hope everyone is ready for the holidays, if you didn’t see my previous post please check it out, you can get a great deal on some beautiful Christmas Cards!

Let me know what is going on in your life! If you aren’t following me on Instagram, Twitter, or Snapchat – you should be! I’ll try and update more frequently on there as this journey to Mayo starts to happen.

I also want to take  a minute to give a huge Thank You to my mom, she’s been with me to all the appointments, stayed through the entire hospitalization, drove me to my procedure, and has taken me anywhere I needed to go since no one really thinks I should be driving at the moment. She’s put her life on hold while mine has been chaos, and is gearing up to head to Minnesota with me. For a girl who’s almost 30 it’s hard to give up control. But Mom, I so appreciate you! Love you!

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Also, I posted my very first episode of my Planning Series, so go check it out and be kind! youtube.com/hillaryhuffine ! Until Next time…