7.5.2016 – Updated Everyday Makeup Routine


My “everyday” makeup routine has changed so much since I started my blog. You’ll see a couple of items that just aren’t going anywhere! But, this has been my routine for the last 2-3 months. I’m really enjoying not only how it looks but how it makes my skin feel both while I’m wearing it, and also after I take it off. It doesn’t build up on my skin like some products I’ve tried in the past that have made me feel like part of it never going to wash off! Let’s just jump right in!

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 9.26.49 PM


While I’m not join to get into my skin care routine, I’m mentioning this product because 1. for me, I believe this also acts as a primer. My make up does not BUDGE! 2. It is so important to protect your skin from the sun, especially in the summer when you’re bound to spend more time outside. This feels so nice on the skin and does not make me feel greasy.

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 9.29.54 PM Concealer #1

I use 2 concealers, but they are for different purposes. This product is the first makeup product I apply and it helps to conceal the dark circles under my eyes. I apply a generous amount under my eyes with the applicator, and buff it into the skin with a brush.

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 9.30.26 PM


This foundation has been in my routine since before I started AnOklahomaGirl. I have tried several other BB/CC/Foundation’s and just have not loved something the way I love this It Cosmetics product. Though, I have changed the way that I apply it. I use 1 pump on the back of my hand, then I just take a few dots around my face and use a damp real techniques sponge to blend it into the skin. I’m really enjoying the finish it gives.

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 9.31.04 PM

Concealer #2

Now, for concealer #2; this is for highlighting under the eyes. This helps to make me look a little more bright eyed and bushy tailed than I may actually feel. I just make a triangle under my eye with a generous amount of product. (generally just one dip in the tube per eye) I will then blend it out with the pointed end of the real techniques beauty sponge.

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 9.33.11 PM


I use this Kat Von D palette for multiple situations, but right now I just grab some of the top center shade to set my under eye concealer.

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 9.32.05 PM

I will set the rest of my face with this Tarte translusent powder.

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 9.33.11 PM

Now, back to the Shade ‘n Light Palette. I’m going to take (with a light hand) the bottom, center shade and do a very light contour. I’m still learning about all that business. But, the top left shade is the perfect shade to correct your mistakes!

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 9.32.46 PM


Isn’t this the most beautiful palette! Ah! Ok, so first I will take the top center shade, Amoretto and pop that on my cheek bones in the same place you would put blush. Next, I’m going to take the top left shade, Rose Sprtiz and lightly apply on top of Amoretto. Once I’ve done this I will take the brush I used with the Tarte translucet powder and dust it all over my face just to make sure everything is blended well. I will then mix the two bottom shades, Champagne Pop and Prosecco Pop together and dust them on the tops of my cheek bones and my cupids bow.

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 9.35.07 PM


For my eyes, I’m just going to dust Mac – Soft Brown in the crease of my eyes. Keeping it super simple!


Brows are my least favorite part of make up. But, they have gotten so much easier since I started using the Anastasia Brow Definer. Plus, I add this Maybelline clear brow gel over top.


I love mascara, but sometimes it’s hard to find one that works for both my top lashes and bottom. So, I just use two different ones! This Roller Lash from Benefit is perfect for my top lashes, they makes my lashes so long and curly! The Loreal Butterfly in waterproof is the perfect lower lash mascara, the wand makes it so easy to get really close to the lash line.

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 9.35.52 PM


Last but not least, LIPS! I have gone through and entire tube of this Stila liquid lipstick in Baci. I wear it all the time, and it never fails, I get SO many complements! It’s a staple in my collection!

This generally takes me about 20 minutes, but it has become my favorite go to… I can do it even half asleep in the morning before work. What are your current go to routines?

Until Next Time.



6.13.2016 – Permanently Packing


This summer is going to be exactly as the title says, a case of permanent packing. By the end of July there will be a total of 9 seperate hotel stays and 2 nights away for business. Plus a week vacation in August. Needless to say my suitcase has found a place on my couch and will not be packed away for a few of months. I love traveling, but I have a feeling come August, I will be ready to be at home — and STAY at home!! I may not have had as much time as I would like lately to post, but I thought I would use this time to jump on here and see if any of you had some must have times I should grab to through in my suitcase! So, here is my traveling list for the next few months.

Dallas, Texas x 9

San Antonio, Texas

Charleston, South Carolina/Wilmington, North Carolina

Where are you going this summer? So, what should be on my “must pack” list?

Until next time.

Xoxo – H


5.26.2016 – Reading List


Hey! Now, I know I said I was going to be better and that I was going to get back to blogging. Sometimes life has a way of happening! But, one thing I have been doing is “reading.” The reason I put this in quotes is because I listen to mostly audiobooks while I’m getting ready or on my drive to work in the morning. As I’ve said in previous posts I find that this helps get my brain started in the morning rather than my old normal which was listening to music. Don’t get me wrong, I love music and I listen to Spotify all day, every day at work. (Currently playing my SummerOf16 play list, if you want to follow me on Spotify it’s Hillary.Huffine :))

Anyway,  I’ve been using GoodReads.com to mark the books I’ve read. Honestly – I discovered this a couple of years ago but didn’t really start using it until a recently. But I’ve found it to be so helpful that I just had to share! It’s free also! You can go on there, list the books you’ve already read, and rate them. The site will recommend books based on ones that you’ve already read. (I love this because I’m always trying to find new suggestions!) But, you can also mark books as “want to read” or “currently reading”- so you have separate lists and can see what you’ve already read vs what you want to read.

AND, if you have friends that have the same taste in books you can share your lists so they can see what you’re reading currently, etc. But, you can keep yours private if you don’t necessarily want everyone to see what all you’re reading. My list is so random, nothing that I would say is “bettering my mind” but more for the entertainment factor. If anyone would like to follow my lists, you are welcome to – Hillary.Huffine – I would love to see what everyone is reading!

I know this has been a very random post, but I’ve missed  you all and I thought that a random post was better than no post!!

What should I read next, either comment it here or I’ll see you all over on GoodReads.com

Until Next Time.

Xoxo – H

4.11.2016 – Clean Brushes

I’ve been wanting to write this post for several months but just couldn’t figure out the best way to go about it. Well, today when I went to clean my brushes I thought… let’s just do it! PS. Excuse my kitchen, it’s a work in progress! 🙂

About every other weekend I TRY to make time to clean my brushes. Now, it doesn’t always work out that way and lately I have been super busy so today I told myself that regardless of what else I thought was more important this had to take priority! So, here is my favorite way to keep my brushes clean!

Brush Wash

Step 1:  you are going to need a few household items.

  1. Dawn Dish Soap
  2. Small/Dessert size plate
  3. Warm Water
  4. Dish Sized Towel

Now, I use the same towel(s) each time so as you will see they are dingy from years of makeup. My recommendation is to just grab a cheap package and use them only for this so that you won’t care if they start to look grungy.

Brush Wash 3

Step 2: Drizzle a little of the Dawn Dish Soap on your plate. (a little goes a long way!) Then add a little bit of your warm water. I add just enough to fill the devout of my plate.

Brush Wash 4

Step 3: Swirl your dirty brush around in soapy water in circular motions until the water is full of the makeup that was filling your bush. For the liquid makeup brushes, you may need to dump your plate and repeat step 2 & 3 again;  I generally will for my foundation brushes.

Brush Wash 5

This is after one round of Step 3.

Brush Wash 7

Step 4: Once I feel like I’ve gotten my brush nice and clean, I will swirl my brush in a glass of warm water to get all the soap out. Just rapidly swirl it around like you’re mixing a drink. If it is a larger brush sometimes running it under running warm water is better. After this step I just lay aside on a towel until I am finished with all brushes.

Brush Wash 8

Step 5: Once I’m finished with all my brushes I will start rolling them up in my clean towel.

Brush Wash 6

I always alternate directions with each new brush.

Brush Wash 9

Step 6: Once I have all my brushes all rolled up, I will set them aside and let them dry over night.

That’s all! It’s super easy, affordable, and only takes me about 15 minutes.

What’s your favorite way to clean your bushes?

Until Next Time!

Xoxo – H


4.4.2016 – 30 Before 30 -Update



I think it’s time for an update. Back in July, I posted by 30 Before 30 list. I’ve been crossing things off but the more I’ve dived into it, I’ve also realized that there were a few things that needed to be updated. So, I’m going to change a few things, and cross off a few things! Like I said in the beginning… this isn’t a pass or fail list — just a fun thing to do!

>> BECOME A CERTIFIED PAYROLL PROFESSIONAL (Studied, took the test but came with in just a few points of passing.)




>> RAISE $10K FOR THE CYSTIC FIBROSIS FOUNDATION (It was actually about $11K!!)


>> READ 12 BOOKS. This seems silly to some, and like a low number. But I had stopped making the time!

>> BE SPONTANEOUS I’m crossing this one off, only because I’m getting so much better at allowing myself to be spontaneous. For those that know me personally. You know that I’m slightly OCD, and I like things to be planned out. This is still and on going process, but I’m proud of the progress!





>> ROAD TRIP WITH DANI So, it might not have been the trip that we had in mind… BUT- after my cousin/best friend received her double lung transplant in 2014 we learned that nothing goes the way you plan and sometimes you just have to roll with the punches. This weekend, we had a mini road trip to Tulsa (Jenks) and went to to the Oklahoma Aquarium! It was amazing!


>> WATCH FRIENDS FROM BEGINNING TO END. Ah, this was so much fun and nostalgic.



>> WRITE IN A JOURNAL AT LEAST ONCE A WEEK FOR A YEAR. (I’ve been doing this almost once a week, but the year isn’t up!)


>> TRAVEL WHENEVER/WHEREVER POSSIBLE. – I changed the original, Learn to play piano to my New Years Resolution this year. To travel, no matter how small the trip might seem. If it was a small weekend trip, or a big week trip. Just to get out, and go! Stop making excuses! This is still in progress, I’ll let you know later in the year how I did. So far, so good!

>> TAKE MORE PICTURES. – This was to start the process of going back to school. I did a lot of soul searching last year and have decided that going back to school, at least right now in my life just isn’t what I want to do. I love my job and I just want to focus on getting certifications to better my profession and maybe I will look closer at school later down the road. I just want to be ready and focused so that I’m in a great place to be successful.

>> GO WINE TASTING. Chocolate Box, Seattle, WA. 5.6.2016 (And beer tasting at The Pike Brewing Company)

>> TAKE ONE TRIP ALONE. SOME WHERE I CHOOSE, SIMPLY BECAUSE I WANT TO. – This was to learn to edit videos, but this one is something that I really want to do. There are so many places that I want to go/see. I want to stop making the excuse that I don’t have someone to go with me or schedules do line up. So, I’m going to make the plunge and just go somewhere for a weekend alone, and explore.

>> FINISH DECORATING MY HOUSE. – Slowly but surly getting closer to crossing this one off, one room at a time!


>> TRAVEL OUTSIDE OF THE USA. Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. March 2016!

>> ATTEND A MUSIC FESTIVAL OF MY CHOICE. – I’m thinking about going to Stagecoach next May out in California. My good friend Brandy is slowly talking me into it!

>> SEND MORE LETTERS/POST CARDS. I’ve been sending them to my friends who live further away.  But, I would like to get even better about sending them to even my friend who live right here.

>> WORRY LESS. – This one is still a work in progress. 🙂

>> MAKE NEW FRIENDS. I’ve made some wonderful friends since making this list, but there is always room to make wonderful friends or reconnect with old ones.

Until Next Time

Xoxo H

3.30.2016 – Vacation Favorites


Hiiii!!! Oh my, it’s been far too long, I know! Well, lots of live has been going on… BUT, one very exciting thing has happen since the last time I was here. I got my very first stamp in my passport! Yes, I know — At 28 years old that seems shocking to some, but I actually received my passport this year because I knew I was going to be going to Mexico with one of my best friends! Now, I’m so anxious to get more and more stamps! Well, enough about that and let’s get on with what I really came to tell you all about. I’ve been making several trips, and have a few more planned so I thought I would tell you a few of my favorite things from my trip to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico!


It’s so important to protect your skin ALWAYS. But, it’s especially important to protect it when you’re going to be in the sun for long periods of time. I’m obsessed with this Hawaiian Tropic Face sunscreen. I am more on the oil side and it didn’t make me feel greasy at all. Once I was out of the sun, we actually went through almost an entire bottle of this Hawaiian Tropic After Sun moisturizer. It’s such a good aloe/lotion combo and was perfect to push the moisture after spending hours in the sun.

Skinfix Lip Repair Balm

A lot of the time you will remember to protect your skin, but you will forget that your lips are skin too and they need to be protected and moisturized too. We used several different chapstick/balm combos but this Lip Repair Balm from SkinFix is one of my favorites.


Ofra Cosmetics - Bliss

Now, as I’ve said over and over… I’m obsessed with the Becca Cosmetics highlight that Jaclyn Hill created in Champaign Pop. However, it’s not the most travel friendly. (At least not for me because I’m a cults!) So, I took this beauty! Which is actually an eye shadow by Ofra, in the shade Bliss. It was perfect, I kept make up minimal but ALWAYS used a highlight… Of course!


Viva La Juicy -Perfume

I love having signature scent for big trips, one that I either already have in my collection but haven’t worn much or one that I will grab right before leaving. This way when I smell it from that time on, I will always think of that great vacation. I’ve had Juicy Couture’s Viva La Juicy in my collection for a while but I’ve only worn it here and there so the scent has not been attached to anything for me. I thought it was perfect for this, I had just the small bottle and it’s such a light scent. Now, I will forever think of the amazing vacation with my dear friend!


Linen Blend Tank Dress for Women - Navy Stripe

Linen Blend Tank Dress for Women – Navy Stripe

This dress from Old Navy was perfect! So comfortable, light weight and super affordable!


Modern Romance - Aziz Anzari

I downloaded Modern Romance, By Aziz Ansari on a whim the night before I left on my trip and listened to it while I laid out, and finished it part way home. It was hilarious, insightful, and just SO good… I highly recommend.

It has been FAR too long since I blogged and I’ve missed it so much! I’m going on a trip for my birthday in May, and this will be a much shorter trip. Would you all be interested in a “What I pack in my carry on…” post? Let me know! Also, what trips do you have planned for the summer? I’ve got the travel bug!!

Until next time.

xoxo H


2.10.2016 – Simple Morning Skin Care Routine

Skin Care

Now, I in no way would say that my skin care routine is perfect. But, never the less… it is a routine and that helps. As I’ve said before, it is so important to wash your face both morning and night for different reasons.

Morning: You’re washing away all the toxins that your body has pushed through the surface during the night, any dead skin cells, etc.

Night: You’re washing away all the impurity from your day, so any bacteria that have surrounded you.

*Remember that you should remove your make up BEFORE  you wash your face. This doesn’t mean that every spec of it comes off, however removing the majority prior to washing your face insures that your face wash can do it’s job. Other wise, it’s having to work to remove the make up and not giving your face any neutralists, vitamins or extras it may have. Essentially you may be using a high dollar cleanser but only getting out of it what a bar soap would have done! (Okay, I’ll stop preaching!)

For myself, I have a different skin care routine in the morning and the evening based on what works best for my skin. I am combination/oily skin type so I tend to do more moisturizing in the evenings when I don’t really care if I look shiny! So, let’s jump in…


Aveeno Foaming

Aveeno – Clear Complexion Foaming Cleanser, I will dampen my face with warm water and then apply a generous amount of the foam cleanser to my face. Then, I will take a clean wash cloth and dampen it with warm water to remove the cleanser. This is such a refreshing cleanser that wakes me up and always makes my skin feel great.

I tend to not use scrubs in the morning any more, because they would leave my skin red for some time. I reserve those for my night time routine.


Cucumber Cleansing LotionMario Badescu – Cucumber Cleansing Lotion. I will take this on a cotton round and just buff around my face. This leaves your skin feeling so nice and hydrated with out being oily.

Now, some of you will thing this is bazaar but that is my entire morning skin care routine, UNLESS I am using a foundation. 99% of the time I use my beloved It Cosmetics CC+, which has the benefits of a moisturizer built in; and because I am on the oily side I don’t double up or I will look like a greased chicken! However, if I am going to use an actually foundation I will go in with a light weight moisturizer.



Garnier – Moisture Rescue, this is my current favorite moisturizer, leaves your skin feeling hydrated but not oily – as you can tell is always my goal!!

I love keeping it simple in the mornings, normally I’m on auto pilot because I haven’t had coffee yet! What are your favorite morning skin care products? Until Next time…

xoxo H




2.8.2016 – No-Makeup – Makeup

Less is More

I am not some one who needs to wear makeup 24/7, but sometimes when I need to run several errands I do want to feel a little more pulled together than just washing my face and throwing my hair in a bun. But, I also don’t want to go full face glam for the grocery store, and pharmacy. On days like this, this is my go-to-look.


Maybelline Instant Age Rewind

Maybelline, Instant Age Rewind – Fair/Light;I will pop a light coat of this under my eyes to neutralize the dark circles and even out my skin tone. I will take whatever is left on my brush and just run it across my T-Zone so that later when I apply my powder it stays on my face better.

Setting Powder

nyx banana powder

NYX,  HD Finishing Powder – Banana; I will set my under eyes with this powder so that it doesn’t move or crease on me.


Stay Matte

Rimmel, Stay Matte – Transparent; This is perfect to just put a light layer all over the face just to make sure that I stay matte and to balance any discoloration I may have going on since on these particular days I do not use a foundation.


elf blush light

Elf, Blush – Light; I have been really loving this palette. I love taking the first shade on the top row and just popping it on my cheek bones for a little pop of pink!


Tarte Lights Camera Splashes Mascara

Tarte, Lights, Cameras, Splashes – Black; This is great to just pop a light layer on the lashes. Just enough to open up the eyes.


Baby Lips - Cherry Me

Maybelline, Baby Lips – Cherry Me; I love using this for moisture with a hint of color. Perfect for this no-makeup – Makeup look!

And that’s it! Very simple, but make me feel a little more pulled together than if I just ran to the store bare faced. I wore this Sunday to run around town with my mom, and loved it! What are your go to minimal makeup products? Until next time.

xoxo – H

2.1.2016 – January Favorites



Ok! Let me just start by saying… it has been FAR too long! Things in my life have been a little crazy, and unfortunately my blog has suffered! But, I’m hoping that most of the chaos has past and I’m back in working order! So, lets jump into some favorite’s shall we?!


With the craziness of the last couple of months I haven’t tried a ton of new products, but here are the things that I have tried and absolutely love!


Laura Mercier’s Secret Brightening Powder – This is amazing for setting your under eye concealer. It is pricer than my normal NYX banana powder so I reserve it for special occasions or times when I know that I need my make up to last an extra long time!

Stila Bacci

Stila Stay All Day, Liquid Lip Stick in Bacci – This has become a quick favorite! Such a beautiful color and it really does last ALL day!!! I will put it on at 7:30AM and it will still look intact when I get home at 6PM!

Skin Care

Mario Badescu Kiwi Face Scrub

Mario Badescu, Kiwi Face Scrub – This is an oldie by a goodie for me! I find myself going back to this from time to time, and lately I’ve been grabbing it more and more.

Cucumber Cleansing Lotion

Mario Badescu, Cucumber Cleansing Lotion – Also and oldie but a goodie! I just love this line so so much! Such a great and refreshing toner!


Marshmellow Fireside

Bath and Body Works, Marshmallow Fireside – This has been my signature home scent of the last month! If you haven’t had a chance to smell it, you need to!

TV Show

24-logo-105949I’m currently obsessed with 24! It’s such a good show, if you haven’t seen it… I highly recommend!


Currently I’m re-doing my bedding! I’m super excited and I’ll do a post once I’m finished! But it’s been so fun to find affordable items that fit my vision!

Well guys, that’s really all I have for you! This month has been pretty simple, but I’m so excited to be back to blogging! What have your favorites been? Until Next Time…

xoxo H

11.27.2015 – At Home Pamper Night


With the cold winter months coming, and my busiest work season approaching it’s important to take some time and just relax. With lavish Spa getaways not in my budget, I’ve perfected my “at home spa” routine and I thought I would share it with you!

  1. Candles


These are an absolute must for a night of relaxation in my book! I turn all the lights around my house way down, and light every candle that I can find!

2.  Audio Book

the fixer upper

I put my Bluetooth speaker on with whatever audio book I’m currently engrossed in and then I’m ready to begin!

3. Lush Mask of Magnaminty


This mask makes you feel like you’re at the spa! It’s smells like mint chocolate chip ice cream, it feels so amazing! The tingles of the mint, and the way your skin feels after… you wont even know you spa’d at home!

4. Wine


Pour a nice glass of wine, enjoy the mask and kick back! This Ritual Pinot Noir is my current FAVORITE!

5. Treat Yourself

Madison Reed Spa

Madison Reed is currently working on their own at home spa and staycation ideas. One fun idea is to color your own hair! I took their ​Hair Color Quiz and these are the results that I got!


Now, as you all know I am not a fan of doing my hair! But, this gave me some good ideas on what I can do in the future! Plus, it was SO easy! I highly recommend taking their color quiz to get inspiration! If you do, tweet me @hillaryhuffine and @madisonreedllb using #MRLoveMyHair

What are your at home spay ideas? I would love to hear them! Until Next Time.

xoxo H